Hello all, looking forward to getting started.

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Hello all, looking forward to getting started. Empty Hello all, looking forward to getting started.

Post by Colin Duffy on Thu May 07, 2015 4:50 pm

My name is Colin, and my science fiction novella "The Final Conflict", about an alien invasion, will be published by Kellan. It will be my first published piece. This is awesome for me, as I've always loved to write but never thought I would see any of my stuff in print.
I'm a huge military history buff, as I have countless history books, and I also collect plastic military miniatures (aka toy soldiers, lol). I've also always been fascinated by the alien invasion genre, so I tried my hand at writing my own. The main thing with my story is that I wanted it to be somewhat of a fair fight. I'm always frustrated by movies where the aliens have some sort of shield that our weapons can't penetrate, making them pretty much invincible. In my story, human forces can and do hurt the aliens, giving humanity a fighting chance. Basically, my view is, if aliens were to invade thousands or hundreds of years ago, it would be an easy conquest for them. But in modern times, our military technology is quite advanced, so I believe we could defend ourselves reasonably well, and I try to reflect that in my story.
I currently work as a cataloger at the Georgetown University Law Library, which is great for me because I love books and I'm happy to work with them. Now I'll have a book of my own!  Very Happy
Looking forward to getting to know everyone, and wishing everyone the best of luck!

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