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Post by Admin on Tue Dec 02, 2014 10:32 pm

Hello Everyone,

Kelli here; owner/publisher/editor of Kellan Publishing.

Welcome to our forum. I hope you find it fun, informative and creative and will keep coming back for more.
Kellan Publishing started in 2012, had a down time for a few months, and is now up and going stronger than ever. The goal is to publish unique, refreshing and enjoyable books, and to create and maintain a community of authors and readers who enjoy what they do: write and read, or read and write, or just write, or just read!

The rules here are simple: be kind. Please, do not use foul language, hate messages or anything of the sort - you will be banned.  Also, please try to use the correct forums for your conversations. For example, use the "New Releases" forum to tell people about your publishing projects - not other forums.

Get involved, meet others and have a great time.

Be sure to visit our website at and our bookstore at

You can contact me by emailing


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